Survival dungeon building!


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Hello, ever wanted to create something to challenge others, For others to explore..
Well, now you can!, the rules are really simple

-Nothing ridiculous (massive diamond block object thing)
-Unique Not a copy of something else, however i can understand how this is hard.
-"Natural" something that looks like it belongs in-game.
-All Building constraints from the creative server applie (example: Inappropriate builds are bannable)

After the build is complete, reply to this thread with our IGN/PlotID.
If its accepted, it will be place randomly in the survival server.
It may be a good idea to leave an ownership sign where you exit the build, so for one, players don't think its actually in-game, for 2nds So they know who built it.

Format for the replies:

PlotID (if possible):
Build type: <Temple, Casale, Redstone Trap Dungeon, Etc>

Thanks and have fun!
if at all possible, leave some discrete but obvious clues to the fact that is is actually a "NPC", and its completely fine to raid.