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Accepted Snailman2 Inactivity

Discussion in 'Inactivity Reports' started by SirQuack, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Your IGN: Quackin_
    Persons inactivity's IGN: Snailman2
    how long have they been AFK or fooling around on the server? 1 And A 1/2 Years
    your proof:
    your staff position(leave blank if your member): Admin
    person your reporting's staff rank (they must be higher then member rank): Admin

    Attached Files:

  2. Yes, Snailman2 has been inactive for far too long. (Over one year)
    He will be stripped of his Staff roles.

    Ill tag @Matthewtrains as i'm unsure if he still does videos with him, if not, he should be stripped of youtube rank as well.


    Please wait for matthew to respond to the youtube rank he holds.
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  3. i just now realized this post and yes im still very good friends with him as i know him in real life but he hasent been able to play Minecraft as his current laptop doesent work that good but he does plan to come back to Minecraft when he gets an new computer so if anything i say he keeps youtuber
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