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Rules VC Factions: Rules and Guidelines.

Discussion in 'Help' started by Tau, Sep 5, 2016.

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    You probably just want to get playing as soon as possible, thus i'll make this is short as possible, while i'd recommend fully reading this, so you don't get punished.

    Firstly, i should warn, that this server has a large empathises on common-sense!, meaning if you get banned for: example, using an X-Ray mod instead of using a hacked client and saying: "There's no rules against that." will result in a ban, as you fully know what you're doing.

    Rules are governed by level (lvl) see more about this at the bottom of the page.

    (To report an offence please refer to This.)

    Server specific rules:

    Lvl 0
    Teleport Trapping
    If you were foolish enough to fall for a TP trap (And it only traps you (Not kills you))
    Ask a staff member to free you, If the teleport trap Kills you, DO NOT ask for help, Once you die you will be sent to spawn.
    If the TP trap simply traps you and you can still do commands, do /suicide

    Lvl 4-5:
    Do not use Xray's, Minimap with entities, Any block glitch, Or other ESP's to find areas that would normally be concealed.

    Lvl 2-4:
    Teleport Glitching:
    This includes: Using Ender pearls to clip through blocks to enter base or other area, using Boats/Minecarts to clip through blocks to enter base or other area.

    Lvl 1-4
    Offencive Builds:
    Do not build anything that remotely matches this criteria: Sexual, Hateful, Discriminatory, or otherwise, Just Use common sense (We're okay with Lava Casts, it suits factions)

    Lvl 1-5
    Lag Machines:
    Do not build redstone or other contraptions that's main purpose is to generate Lag.
    If you have built Machines that do have a laggy side effect, You will be asked to deactivate them, and remove/Optimise them.

    Lvl 1-2

    Afk Machines:
    Do not build redstone or other contraptions that's main purpose is to bypass the afk kick system.
    If we find these machines they may be deleted without any notification.
    Building these machines may result in a Warn and then Tempban.
    If you find one of these machines, Do not use them You may be punished, Instead, report them.

    General rules:

    Lvl 3-5

    Harassment / Blackmailing / Abusing other players:
    Unlike Build griefing, we can't "Just" fix this as if a build was griefed, meaning this will be a harsh penalty, if committed
    This INCLUDES discrimination, Of Skin color, Sex, Sexuality, Nationality, Religion or Otherwise. .

    Lvl 2-4
    Griefing by Trolling/Leaving considerably hateful messages, and or intentionally causing Grief to others.

    Lvl 3-4
    Non-Pvp Killing:
    If it's a non-pvp area, DO NOT PVP.

    Lvl 0-5
    as this is a broad topic The level system is somewhat useless for this one, and as we have already talked about discrimination, griefing, trolling: Opening, and closing a door many times producing an annoying sound, and or saying that you like that sound (when in-fact you say that just to annoy them) is a minor offence in this instance, however, if a player does this over, and over again, it quickly can move from fun and games to Harassment.

    Lvl 4-5
    Exploit Mods:
    Intentionally using a modified game client to give an advantage over others, and or to aid in Trolling/Harassment, will result in a lvl 4-5 response.
    (This includes X-Ray Resource Packs)

    Lvl 4-5
    Deconstructive use of Alts: (Alternate account, Other game account)
    in short alts are not bannable, only when alts are used to overcome kit cooldowns, Bans or otherwise.

    Lvl 5 Spambots:
    If this is used, it will be an ip-ban for you fine sir.

    Lvl 5 Chargebacks:
    any attempt at changing back a cosmetic or other package you have bought, with no good reason, is fraud, and will be treated as such, example:
    (if the user Tau Bought /hat in some way, had and COULD use it, then, after awhile, they change back) This WILL get you banned.

    Here is an example of when this IS an understandable compromise:
    (The user Tau bought /hat in some way, and could not use the command/Package they've bought, and after contacting an admin or higher they couldn't resolve this within a reasonable time-frame (1-4 working days), in this instance a change-back is understandable.

    Lvl 4-5
    This rule is very hard to cover while also allowing it, ill answer this with examples:
    Player: "Join this server XX.XX.XX.XX" You will be banned. Player: Wanna see this awesome (Image / dubstep / forum-post) = This should be fine, basically don't advertise other servers or actively promote yourself, just use common sense, and or contact a staff member.

    Lvl 1-5
    This can be anything from Chat, Your Minecraft Avatar, Or your actions.
    Use common sense, This is not an 18+ server.

    What is the level system?, the level system will help users and staff to know how they should respond to a situation, of cause depending on the situation a staff member may respond differently.

    if any rule is broken over and over again, the level ill increase (at the staffs discretion)
    Lvl 1, a minor offence, likely a warn to short mute, and or kick.
    Lvl 2, a short temp ban, mute, or any of the above.
    Lvl 3, a temp ban, permanent ban, mute, or any of the above.
    Lvl 4, a permanent ban, or any of the above.
    Lvl 5, a permanent ban, and or IP ban.

    this article is still W.I.P (Work in progress and or, not final version,! we can change THIS and ANY of its contents whenever we want, Without notification)

    Any suggestions of how to improve this article should be private messaged to me.

    - Tau Dev & Owner
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