Rules To avoid Inactivity/Demotion

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Firstly, let's clear something up, we all know that you're not indeed a paid staff member, and we don't expect you to be on FULL TIME, but if you can, That would be awesome.

Please make sure to not break ANY rules of our server.
-It'd be nice to see you active on BOTH the SERVER and the forums.
-If you've moved to full time work (IRL), or other events, please tell us, so we know your not just being lazy.
-Make sure that you've read the new Forum Posts of users and staff, and EACH AND every server rule "Book".
-Try not to publicly goof around on the server, you need to lead the community, players likely WILL follow what you do, thus, set a good example if you could.
-Read all related articles regarding the staff system & punishment systems.
-It Would be VERY helpful to YOURSELF, if you learned more about OUR plugins, just ask around.
-Anyone that is inactive for more than 32 days can be demoted (Unless reason is Given AND Accepted)
-Use common sense.

Of Anyone here could follow AT LEAST 50% of what i've said, that would be awesome.

Keep in mind, Higher roles require more activity (usually) Make sure that you're up to the task.

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