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Poll Thx to the staff and the owner of this wonderful server

Discussion in 'Server discussion' started by Masta, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. I just wanted to create a thread to thank all the amazing staff, they have always outdone themselves. Thanks to you I can finally play on a fun friendly community server! The staff are always joyful and whenever me or someone else is in need of help they always come. So once more thank you to all server staff!!! <3
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  2. Thanks that’s very appreciated I will promote this to the portal aka the home icon idk if anyone uses it but I’ll promote the thread to it for outhers to see
  3. Did you need some kind of poll on this as I see you use the poll tag
  4. And here’s an fact about me if you ever talk to me I’m always postive and pg aka don’t swear as no negativity is ever needed
  5. ;)
  6. Am I Included?
  7. yes all staff
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  8. well then. seems that im actually doing my job right :D
  9. i wonder if my new mouse came to my house i guess ill find out when i get home and btw starting next week i wont be on here anymore while being at school i will obisouly be on when im home its just that finsihed testing today and the next semester starts next week so no more computer apps :(
  10. VoidCraft is a good server :)
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