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Hello, i'm sure there will be a lot of new applications in the future and even now, this thread is meant for new staff members, Think of it as a rule book for staff members, Now you may be asking why staff members need separate rules, its really quite simple, players of our server will look up to you, and sometimes base their behaviour off of you, this means, in general you will need to act like an ideal role model.
I could just tell you to use these three things (1. Be mature, this don't mean you need to be old, just don't act petty, 2. Don't throw around jokes that may insult players unless you're both having fun, 3. and most importantly.. USE COMMON SENSE!) However the below should elaborate more. I suggest you read it so you don't foul up.

General rules, this applys to: Forums, In-Game, Staff to staff chit chat.
<1. you will need to make sure that you keep swearing minimum, make sure to use common sense and think fully through what you're doing BEFORE you do it. 1>

(if you're not sure you know what i mean by this skip to the Common Sense category at the bottom of this post)>

<2. Keep swearing to a minimum, this inherits any rules in the area you're working on and adds onto them, even words like "Shit" makes you look like less of a caretaker, and more like a normal player, Why would someone obey a normal player If there was only normal players to enforce the rules?, While you may have the ability to punish people, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to stop it from happening in the first place. Otherwise that makes you a bit of a terrible staff member.>

<3. Very important, Don't go out of your way to catch someone doing something wrong, this includes traps like this (Bad staff member: Oh, sounds fun, can i have the ip to that server? > Good player: Uhh, sure bad staff member, its XXX.XXX > *Staff member bans player for advertising* Now all this is doing is banning a good player for doing nothing wrong, as you would have asked them for that IP, and if they're meant to use what you say as a guide book, how did that player do ANYTHING wrong? HOWEVER, if a player is advertising ips in /msg to another PLAYER They should be warned>

<4. This rule falls both under the common sense rule, and the above rule, but it needs to be said anyhow, If you think that a player may not know the rules and committed an offence such as swearing, or something like that Basic and not really intentionally hurtful, Tell them that they need to read the rules or risk getting punished, instances where this should not be used > If a player is using xray/other cheat(s), most players KNOW that these chats are illegal on servers such as this, and they should be punished just the same <>

<5. If a player does something wrong, and you know that it is indeed wrong, and you know that she/he knew that it is wrong, they should be punished anyhow, the result and intentions are the same as if it was an actual rule broken by said player. (The same goes for staff, if you feel that a staff member has abused their powers / or just been abusive, report them anyway)>

<6. If you can, i know for a fact some people can't. try to be as positive as possible when talking to others. Just try your best >

<7. From Staff, Donor, Youtubers to players, respect them and their opinions as nothing less or more then equal.>

<8. Always use the punishment rating system as a baseline for setting a punishment, See it Here.>

Forum rules, this applys to: the forums ONLY.
<1. On the event of a staff member banning a player, You shall NOT comment on their appeal thread (If made) unless you have CRITICAL evidence, Take it up in staff chat, just try to Leave it up to them As they know what actually happened, Just PM them if you NEED to, This keeps the appeals clean, and only necessary info is shared. >

<2. On the event of a staff member banning a player, That staff member NO OTHER Should handle it unless you know something else happened (Use common sense)>

<3. On the event of above staff member not responding within a reasonable time (7/10 days) it may be acceptable to reply, and or handle the thread, Unless said staff member has left a notice saying they will return, and let's just say there's only 4 days left until they do, Allow them to handle it.>

<4. Any arguments between staff SHOULD BE SENT THROUGH STAFF CHAT, Not the thread, That's not what its for.>

Server rules, this applys to: the server ONLY.

Cheating-Mega Sub section

This is hard topic to answer with just one or two lines of text, this it won't be a small answer.
What is cheating?, using creative to spawn things in?, No, if a moderator spawns in some Diamonds to test something on, thats not cheating, it only becomes cheating once it starts to affect other players, example, if someone built a huge skyblock island in survival, That took them months to complete, They would be understandably annoyed when they get kicked off of /is top in a matter of hours when someone starts cheating.
"if staff members can cheat in things, why cant we?" I'm sure you can see the problem this creates. 1>

<2 Staff members using hacked clients/mods, personally i don't think there's anything wrong until they use it to affect other players in deconstructive ways example:
<Harami uses an xray mod to see if others are using xray, so that she can punish them if said players are cheating in that way. >
I don't consider this "Deconstructive" to the server, in fact its rather constructive, as its keeping the server clean from players that want to be deconstructive with said mods, this meaning Harami is correct in using it, and did nothing wrong, rather the reverse actually. It can always be a good idea to see what you can do with these clients, and report any exploits to us, as well as to use them to understand what a possible cheater may be doing / thinking. 2>

<3 Staff members showing off and or abusing commands to ANNOY other players, if this is witnessed PLEASE report it, and never do said thing. 3>


1. Common sense:

This article is still WIP (work in progress), and i will add to it when a situation arises.
any staff member that sees a problem with this, and or needs a situation added, Please PM me.

Thanks!, -Tau
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