No Reply Caleb (PinkFloored) Demoted.

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As you may or may not know the Admin PinkFloored hasn't been active in a long time,

Last Activity: Aug 13, 2016
Current Date: Sep 3, 2016
. if time of inactivity is above "32" Days, then this staff will be demoted unless reason is given.
. if the staff member has broken one or more of our rules, they may be demoted.
. Total Time of FORUM inactivity 22 Days
. Total Time of SERVER inactivity: (Logs lost) 22 Days.
. Rules Broken: Cheating In some instances.
. PinkFloored Has been demoted to "Retired Staff" For Inactivity.
. Demotion Date: Sep 3, 2016
. Demoted by: Tau
. Other info:
The reason for this demotion, being, Caleb (PinkFloored) hasn't been active for along time, and additionally, they did cheat, yes its true that issue was resolved, however, its not giving him a good reputation.

The user may re-apply if said user explains why she/he wasn't active.
Not open for further replies.