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  1. James220590

    Would you like some cheese?

    Would you like some cheese?
  2. James220590

    No Reply ENateZ Inactivity

    ENateZ has been inactive since Oct 2, 2016 He said he would be inactive now and then but this is crossing the line when its going to be 1 year in 4 months since him being inactive. He is admin and he should be online for atleast once a month but if him never being on theres no point. Your...
  3. James220590

    Happy Birthday, James220590.

    Thank you matthew :)
  4. James220590

    Solved James Inactivity Discussion

    Slerpins your not on much and also you don't do you job wisely. You opped 2 members without telling anyone and I was in vanish and afk when it happened and you kept abuing your powers by stealing stuff in my inventory, putting stuff in my inventory, and killing people
  5. James220590

    Alert Should we update to 1.11, when it comes out?

    I agree with Bigwilly on keeping it open for more players
  6. James220590

    Format Inactivity report format

    Your IGN: Persons inactivity's IGN: how long have they been AFK or fooling around on the server? your proof: your staff position(leave blank if your member): person your reporting's staff rank (they must be higher then member rank):
  7. James220590

    My welcome to others ~James

    As you play on this server we all hope that you have your funniest while your playing we are all trying to work our hardest to make this the best experience for you and all of your friends but, we also have to be busy to make this as best as we can so we wont always be able to help you that's...