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New Profile Posts

  1. AdamAtom
    AdamAtom Factorized_
    I gave you a hug. :D
    1. Factorized_
      Yay, much appreciated.
      Jun 11, 2018
  2. SirQuack
    Deja Vu. I Have Seen This Server Before.
  3. Factorized_
    She swallowed a bone and was serverly constipated, she’s sort of ok now.
  4. Factorized_
    My dog almost died
    1. Tau
      What happened?
      Jun 6, 2018
  5. LatRich
    I say "emmmm...." allot
  6. SepticZub
    Watching Memes
  7. AdamAtom
    AdamAtom Factorized_
    i have to change it
  8. Factorized_
    how do I change my username to Factorized lol
  9. AdamAtom
    AdamAtom MineCraftDameon
    Dameon, are you still active much or no?
  10. SpecTicaL_PvP
  11. SirQuack
    Give Up Or Keep Trying.
  12. Matthewtrains
    so you go to cp and go to baned emails and add the website email name and it should auto ban them if they use that email
  13. Matthewtrains
    at school rn and i just banned the emails that end in @yopmail.com as thats the sapamers email company so tau ban any email thats an spammer
  14. Tau
  15. Matthewtrains
    sorry for the network downtime were trying to fix it
  16. Tau
  17. Matthewtrains
    Matthewtrains GoogleImaged
    i have now updated your pictures so now your profile section of the site is https and anywhere you post on but plz note if you update your huggie thing picture let me know or add it to imgur as thats what i did as security is number 1 instead of non secure
  18. Matthewtrains
  19. Matthewtrains
    i just slamed the ban hammer on two profiles that where advertisers/spammers you guys wont get it as long as its in off-topic and not repeat
  20. Matthewtrains
    tau when you can get the privacy policy tab working as people need to know the policy for privacy
    1. Tau
      Tell me what page you want me to link it to, You, are supposed to do the privacy policy as you are the sites creator, and legally owner. At least thats how its done in australia, not sure about US. Either way, i live in AUS, so... Tell me what page you want it linked to.
      Jan 15, 2018
    2. Matthewtrains
      i dont have one made and really dont know what to put on it
      Jan 15, 2018